1:5 Black Panther Statue

1:5 Black Panther Statue
Brand: Sideshow
Product Code: SS200563

Delivery Due:Q2 2020
Order By:10th July 2019
Recommended Age:14+
1:5 Black Panther Statue 1:5 Black Panther Statue 1:5 Black Panther Statue 1:5 Black Panther Statue 1:5 Black Panther Statue

1:5 Black Panther Statue

Sideshow presents the Black Panther Statue, leaping into action as a part of the Avengers Assemble Collection.

Inspired by some of Marvel’s most iconic characters, the 1:5 scale Avengers Assemble collection captures the colourful and battle-ready styles of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

The polyresin Black Panther Statue measures 16" tall as the King of Wakanda lunges forward in a dynamic and dramatic pose. T’Challa has an athletic and agile physique, bounding into battle and clutching a Wakandan spear weapon to aid his allies. Black Panther’s costume is fully sculpted, complete with silver vibranium accents, unique suit textures, and a panther medallion around his neck. From the bottom of his boots to the top of his catlike cowl, the Black Panther Statue exudes regal authority and tactical prowess in any line-up of Marvel collectibles.

Pair Black Panther with his Avengers allies like Wasp, Iron Man, and Captain America to assemble the ultimate superhero team in your collection! T’Challa’s cracked earth proximity base compliments the other statues in the collection and can be displayed alongside them to create a larger action scene.

  • Brand: Marvel
  • Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles
  • Type: Statue
  • Size: 406.4mm X 355.6mm X 279.4mm


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