1:72 US M4A1 Half Track

1:72 US M4A1 Half Track
Brand: Hasegawa
Product Code: HMT07

Recommended Age:14+
1:72 US M4A1 Half Track

1:72 US M4A1 Half Track

Half-tracks M4 and M4A1 have been developed for mobility with the 81 mm mortar. The 81mm cannon can be fired from outside of the vehicle, M4A1 from outside the vehicle, and from inside the vehicle body, using the 43A1 emitter. These were formalized two years prior to Pearl Harbor, but the development of more powerful self-propelled guns produced only a few. Armed with a 30 caliber machine gun that is used by mounting on the upper rail of the body.

Data: Crew: 6 people, total length: 6.13 m, total width: 1.95 m, total height: 2.26 m, armed: 81 mm mortar M1 .30 caliber Browning machine gun, engine: White 160AX 128 hp, maximum speed: 64 km / h, Climbing ability: 60%.

Kit Features:

  • Skill Level 3
  • 63 pieces
  • Length: 3.5 in (88 mm)
  • Width: 1.3 in (34 mm)
  • Age 14+

Plastic Model kit which requires paint and glue to complete.