1:72 Toyota Aircraft Starter Truck KC

1:72 Toyota Aircraft Starter Truck KC
Brand: Hasegawa
Product Code: HMT17

Recommended Age:14+
1:72 Toyota Aircraft Starter Truck KC

Toyota Aircraft Starter Truck KC

An update to the KB to make it even more suitable for war time production in times of limited material availability. Emphasis was on reducing the cost of materials. The engine cover was still metal but other body panels were made from plywood. The body design was extremely square, with only simple curves used on the engine cover and a flat radiator with no grill. Only a single headlight and only rear brakes were used.

The KC truck was used on Japanese military airfields to start aircraft engines. A power take-off was taken from after the gearbox. It rose behind the cabin and then projected forward. This was mated to the spinner on an aircraft's propeller to start the aircraft engine. Because it wasn't used for heavy cargo, the cargo bed was narrow and the rear wheels were singles instead of the normal doubles. Also, the cabin was very basic, having plywood sides, no doors and a canvas roof. Running boards were unique to the starter truck due to the narrow cargo bed.

Kit Features:

  • Skill Level 3
  • Age 14+

Plastic Model kit which requires paint and glue to complete.