1:6 Red Skull

1:6 Red Skull
Brand: Sideshow
Product Code: SS100175

Delivery Due:Q1 2020
Recommended Age:14+
1:6 Red Skull 1:6 Red Skull 1:6 Red Skull 1:6 Red Skull 1:6 Red Skull

1:6 Red Skull

As the figurehead of HYDRA and the archenemy of Captain America, the Red Skull Sixth Scale Figure takes on a nefarious new look as a part of Sideshow’s Marvel Sixth Scale collection.  This figure features a detailed skeletal portrait and carefully tailored fabric costume inspired by his appearance in Marvel Comics.

The ruthless Red Skull Sixth Scale Figure includes a green bodysuit with red trim, a HYDRA medallion, and a red HYDRA armband.  Around his waist, he wears a green fabric belt and a black leather-like officer’s belt, emblazoned with the evil insignia.  Red Skull also has a pair of black officer’s boots and four pairs of black gloved hands, including fists, open hands, pistol grip hands, and alternate grip hands, giving you a wide variety of display options for this figure in any collection.

To aid in his evil conquest of the Marvel Universe, the Red Skull Sixth Scale Figure’s accessories include a HYDRA officer’s knife and pistol, a skull-topped cane, and the Cosmic Cube.  Unleash the full menace of Johann Schmidt on your Marvel collection with any number of villainous poses for this articulated figure.


  • Comic inspired portrait of Red Skull
  • Alternate Head sculpt
  • Four hands
  • One green bodysuit with red trim
  • One Red Hydra armband
  • One green waist belt
  • One leather-like Officer's belt with Hydra buckle
  • One pair of Officer's boots
  • One skull cane
  • One Hydra medallion
  • One Hydra pistol
  • One Hydra Officer's knife
  • One Cosmic Cube


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