1:32 R/C 2.4GHz Lamborghini Centenario

1:32 R/C 2.4GHz Lamborghini Centenario
Brand: XQ Toys
Product Code: XQ3813

Recommended Age:8+

1:32 R/C 2.4GHz Lamborghini Centenario

XQ’s great value range of 1:32 scaled performance cars are perfect for racing around the house, office or table! With 2 channel 2.4ghz  control, detailed lines and measuring around 150mm long these scaled down performance cars will turn heads where ever you race.


  • Highly detailed RC Model
  • Full function control
  • 2.4GHZ control
  • Rubber tyres
  • For Ages 8+


  • 3 x AAA Batteries for car
  • 1 x 9v Battery for handset

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