eHawk 1500 KIT Only

eHawk 1500 KIT Only
Brand: Thunder Tiger
Product Code: TT4202

ETA:22nd September
eHawk 1500 KIT Only

Introducing a quality kit, the Thunder Tiger eHawk 1500 Balsa Kit .  Laser cut balsa with the ABS blow mold fuselage and carbon look fiberglass tail boom make this glider kit outstanding.  Includes a full scale drawing and step by step assembly manual. Great for those young kids as an educational kit or professional modelers as a reminder of how to build up balsa kits.The kits comes without electric device as well as the covering that user need to purchase in the hobby shop when buying this kit.


  • ABS Blow Mold Fuselage
  • Fiberglass Tail Boom
  • Quality Laser-cut Balsa Kit
  • Folding Prop Included


  • Wing Span:59.84”(1520mm)
  • Length: 36.42” ( 925mm)
  • Wing Area: 341 (22dm2)
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs. (600g)
  • Motor: OBL 29/09-07A req’d
  • Controller: BLC-12A req’d 
  • Airfoil:RG-15

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