Amerang to distribute Molecule8 action figures

08:54:02 - 24/05/2017
Amerang are pleased to announce that we have been appointed as a UK distributor for the stunning Molecule8 range of limited edition figures.
Amerang to distribute Molecule8 action figures

Comprised of a diverse team of highly creative and talented artists, designers, sculptors and engineers, Molecule8 aim to deliver the finest detail and craftsmanship for each and every new figure they create.

Molecule8 aims to transcend the current market offerings in high-end collectables and to elevate the competitive standards.

For a new company it is very rare to see them arrive on the scene with some big name licenses such as Taxi Driver, Fantastic Beasts, and John Lennon under their belt.

Molecule8's first big name release is a stunning 1:6 recreation of music legend John Lennon based on the Imagine era. Beautifully re-created clothing, trademark cowboy boots and Orange tinted glasses are just the start.


What makes Molecule8 figures stand out from the rest is there truly unique stainless steel endoskeleton that forms the basis of their figures….yes, a metal skeleton! This highly unique feature provides total Anatomical accuracy and has been designed to emulate human movement.

Click here for more details on the range and the stunning John Lennon figure.