Breaking News from Blitzway

09:47:45 - 22/07/2016
Blitzway have announced New Releases for Ghostbusters with 1:6 & 1:12 Scale Action Figures and a 1:6 scale Ecto1.
Breaking News from Blitzway

The fans have asked and Blitzway will deliver. Blitzway previewed their all new 1:6 figures from the original Ghostbusters movie. Each of the figures are highly detailed and are supplied with all their ghostbusting equipment including the iconic proton pack.

In addition to these 4 figures, Blitzway have also announced that they will be releasing a 1:6 Ecto-1 for their 1:6 Ghostbusting figures to get around in. Final details on this epic piece are to be confirmed but we know it will feature opening doors and working lights.




Blitzway are aiming to launch the figures Q4 2016 with the HUGE ECTO-1 early 2017.

Full details and further images will be uploaded to our website as they become available.

Who ya gonna call?.....Amerang sales team for further details



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