Hand Held Roto Starter Unit

Hand Held Roto Starter Unit
Brand: Thunder Tiger
Product Code: TT2430

Hand Held Roto Starter Unit


Start your nitro R/C engine effortlessly using Thunder Tiger's Pro-Start handheld R/C engine starter. Simply plug the battery in and insert the 6mm starter shaft into the back plate of any TT Dual-Start/Direct Drive back plate equipped engine, pull the trigger and GO! 


 (Battery and Dual-Start/Direct Drive back plate not included.)




  • Automatic Overheat/Overload Cut-off
  • Quick Release Chuck
  • Locking battery Lid
  • Quick Disconnect Battery Plug
  • 6mm Hardened Hex Starter Shaft
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip -fits in the palm of your hand


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