1:30 Norden - Coastal Boat

1:30 Norden - Coastal Boat
Brand: Billing Boats
Product Code: B603


1:30 Norden - Coastal Boat

The Norden is a typical coaster of the kind which was earlier very commonly used along the Western coast of Denmark. This type of boat was originally designed by local boat builders in the villages of Klitmoller and Vorupor around 1930. It represented an improvement of the existing boats and has remained unchanged, except that the ship now is a few feet longer and has a closed wheel house.

All of the 600 Series Model Boat Kits (item numbers 600-609) include an easier way of building the hull. The hull is assembled in halves, on a table. This allows for easier assembly and is quite useful in learning plank-on-frame or plank-on-bulkhead construction! Once each half is done you join the two for a completed hull. Make sure you work each half in opposite directions so that when joined they marry up evenly!

Kit Features:

  • 1/30 Scale
  • 345mm Long
  • 115mm Wide
  • 280mm Tall