1:18 Jaguar E Type RHD - Red

1:18 Jaguar E Type RHD - Red
Brand: Kyosho
Product Code: KY8954R

1:18 Jaguar E Type RHD - Red 1:18 Jaguar E Type RHD - Red

1:18 Jaguar E Type RHD - Red

2021 - 60th Anniversary of the Jaguar E Type

In 1961, the Jaguar E-Type was introduced as the successor to the famous XK 120, 140 and 150 series cars. The E-Type was introduced at The Salon car show in Geneva and it was there that world got to see its sublime design and the technical concept.

The design of the E-Type series as it was introduced in 1961 was stunning! The bonnet, the headlights, the back lights, the recess for the wheel housing and the rear profile all made you realize that you were looking at an absolute, timeless beauty in automobile design.

The E-Type was also an engineering beauty. Its bodywork was a steel 'monocoque' with a sub-frame attached in front of the cover in which the engine and the wheel-suspension were housed. In the back, under the 'monocoque', there was a second sub-frame to which the differential gear and the rear suspension were attached. The E-Type was equipped with independent wheel-suspension and disc brakes all round.

The Jaguar E Type will rightfully remain one of motoring’s most iconic cars.

Kyosho are helping to celebrate Jaguars 60th Anniversary for this iconic car with 3 stunning Diecast collectables in correct RHD configuration. Each model will have full opening features and offer the collector all the detail and refinement you would expect from Kyosho.